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Attendance Justification Letter
Do you need help justifying why your manager or supervisor should send you to GRCon this year? Feel free to use this example email:

Where does the event happen? Knoxville Convention Center
701 Henley Street
Knoxville, TN 37902

When does the event happen?
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In-Person Registration

In-person registration for GRCon24.

GNU Radio Project does its best to keep this conference as accessible as possible, so if the only way you are able to attend is through discounted registration that’s OK, just use your best judgment. Email us at if you have any questions.

Standard Registration

If your company/organization is paying for you to attend GRCon or you have the ability to cover the standard price, please register at this rate. You will help keep the conference affordable for everyone.


Discounted Registration

If you are paying for yourself to attend GRCon and are coming as an unaffiliated individual, feel free to choose the discounted registration.


Student Registration

Discounted registration for qualifying student attendees, requires providing a resume/CV and proof of student status. Separately, if you are a student who is presenting, please request a Student Presenter voucher (email once your talk or poster is accepted, to get a free registration ticket.


Patron Supporter Registration

Anyone interested in providing extra support to GNU Radio along with their registration. This represents the lowest sponsorship level which means you can have your logo included on the GRCon23 website and the right to advertise at GRCon (email for more details).


One Day Pass

We are offering a one day pass for both regular and students. If you are attending for more than one day, please purchase a regular ticket.

One Day Pass

Meant for those only attending one day.


Student One Day Pass

One day pass for qualifying student attendees, requires providing a resume/CV and proof of student status.


Virtual Registration

Virtual Registration for Online Participation (No In-Person Event Tickets Supplied). Register to let us know you are planning to attend virtually via our live streaming and community chat.

Virtual Registration (Free/Pay What You Want)

Registration is free for attendees joining via live streaming, but we also provide a "Pay What You Want" option. The money collected will be for future GNU Radio activities and development, including current and future GRCons, operating expenses (testing server, web services, etc), and contracting software development.